Intimate. Beautiful. Marriage.

Three things to say about these super sweet Texans: OH-EMM-GEE. I feel honored to have captured their very intimate wedding ceremony today. I don't know what captured my heart the most about this family...their timeless beauty, their genuine smiles or their SUPER cute names? Lol. Newlyweds Daniel & Mallory have been together for so long they figured it was the right time to officially tie the knot :) And how cool is it to have their little munchkins be a part of it? Calvin, Oakley and Charlie Rose are too PRECIOUS, of course they wanted rings of their very own. Something about this shot makes it one of my FAVORITE. See what I mean about timeless beauty? Ahhhhh... Then they said "I DO" They'

My snowy day comfort food | recipe included

What do I do when it’s snowing out? Cook! (and take pictures of my food of course :-)) I had a hankering for lasagna, but couldn’t decide between my chicken/veggie or meat-lovers. I asked hubby, he didn’t mind either way so I ended up making the latter. Last night I tapped into my Italian roots… ha! Just kidding, the closest I am to having Italian roots is when I’m around my brother-in-law Giulio [side note…check him out JAMMIN’ on the: sax]. Ok, back to my YUMMY meat-lovers lasagna. I started out with freshly smashed garlic…as I usually do with EVERYTHING I make. Oooh I wish there was scratch & sniff monitors... one of my favorite kitchen aromas! Then for the meats: Sweet or mild Italian

Sweet, Sassy, Seven...Surprise!

Art is a great theme for a kid's birthday party. I might "borrow" this one for my granddaughter. Jennifer, you pulled it off perfectly! With the popularity of paint & wine parties for us adults, it's a great idea to have the kids jump on that bandwagon, MINUS the wine of course {had to mention the obvious to avoid hate-mail lol}. Actually WE can still have the wine. Yesterday I had the pleasure of capturing this surprise art party for sweet, sassy, seven year old Aurora {love that name!}. Oh the look on her face when she got home and saw her friends screaming SURPRISE #priceless. All the painting, laughing, snacking and games were a blast. We even had a little photobooth action {I bet J

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