Behind the lens

Hello! I'm Rosi (pronounced "Rosie")... yes the "e" is left off intentionally because that's how it's spelled in Spanish. To those of you who have been spelling it Rosie or Rosy or Rosey over the years, I know you'll keep doing it... it's OK, I still like you. And to one of my brothers who insists on calling me Rose (or RRRRosana, rolling the R extra hard when he really wants to get my attention) I still love you... muah! A little bit about me: I now live in Northern Virginia, but I will ALWAYS be a New Yorker (by way of the Dominican Republic), so yes I say "kwuafee" and "dwuog", etc, etc, etc. I have a wonderful husband, two beautiful children, a handsome stepson and two munchkin grand-b

Shenanigans in Chantilly

Or I guess it's technically Centreville? These 3 cuties came back to see me again, oh my how they've grown since I did their family shoot about 8 months ago! We had a ball at Cabell's Mill yesterday. I have no idea what mom and dad were doing behind me to make them crack up like this...but I'm glad they did it LOL. Because sometimes a princess needs to sit back, relax and catch up on some princess reading. Valentina is the perfect princess :-) Little Miss Southern Belle... or should I say Bella, was ready for the Gold Cup! Max is not only their brother, but he's their super hero! Precious moments between sisters Because twins have a special bond like no other It's not always fun and games, s

Hanging in Charlotte

I had the pleasure of hanging out with my niece in Charlotte, NC last weekend... specifically NoDa. Much like my niece Jasmin, NoDa is a very artsy, eclectic, funky and hip area of Charlotte. We had fun strolling up and down North Davidson St, checking out the sights, sounds and aromas. From artwork to good eats, this is one of the coolest spots in Charlotte. Girlfriend is a natural born MODEL! Thanks for letting Auntie Rosi hang with you Jasmin (aka "Baddy"), can't wait to see what our next photo shoot will bring!

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