A Peek Into Our Bedroom

This has NOTHING to do with photography! In fact, I didn't even take these pics with my camera, used my cell instead. And for those of you thinking this is about something else, it's not...it really is a peek into our actual bedroom lol. We recently bought a Sleep Number bed and it's been THE BEST sleep/rest I ever had! We only got the mattress & base, not the headboard/frame, because I couldn't imagine paying $1600.00 for JUST the headboard or even $470 for a similar one from another company. Our old bed was a queen size, this one is a king, so we couldn't use the old headboard. What did I do? That's right... I made my own! SUPPLIES: 4x8, 3/4" thick, pine sanded plywood from Lowe's (I had t

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