5 Tips For Planning Your Wedding

You said YES! Now what? So many things to do in what seems like so little time: set a date, find the perfect dress, book a great venue, find an awesome photographer, etc. With all the excitement and shopping and budget planning, I know it's easy to overlook a few things that may seem unimportant or that you didn't think even mattered. Here are five things you should definitely consider while planning your special day: 1 | HUNTING FOR A VENUE An outdoor ceremony is a great option to take advantage of the natural light. Even if the ceremony is inside, an ideal venue should have areas with certain elements on the property to provide shade and visual interest such as trees, tall grass or paths a

Dustin + Sara | Engaged

When I found out my niece Sara got engaged, I couldn't be happier. Scratch that... I was a little bit sour that I wasn't there to capture the proposal! But I got over it quickly. During their session, while we were laughing and chatting and trying to keep warm, I think Sara's eyes were getting watery from the cold or maybe she had something in her eye and I rhythmically said "don't cry, dry your eyes...", Dustin turned to me and asked if I just quoted a line from Slick Rick's La Di Da Di. Guys, that was the stamp of approval! I was impressed that this Irish guy from Alabama who's in his mid 20s, knows that random line from a rap song from the 80s! Sara's smile shines bright when she looks at

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