Derrick + Sydney | National Harbor Engagement Session

Those who know me, know I'm more of a night owl than a morning person, but when it comes to sunrise engagement sessions... I'M ALL ABOUT IT! I get up at the crack of dawn, I arrive at least an hour before sunrise and I may or may not take a nap in my car until session time. It really is the best way to go, especially in a place like National Harbor. I mean when else can you shoot there and not have to dodge a massive amount of people??? And that morning light, ahhhh! Even though our session started out cloudy, it was still sooooo worth it!!! Derrick and Sydney killed it! It was obvious that they had to do their session here, since it's where Derrick proposed! On the Capital Wheel! Looking f

THIS Is What Motivates Me

On wedding days, on my way to the venue I start to think about the 8+ hours that I’ll be on my feet for 99% of the time. I almost always feel a little anxious and a little nervous about the day in general. Yes, even after shooting dozens of weddings, this still happens. Why? Because I’m human 😊. The day before, I go over my checklist & gear about 5 times to make sure I’m all set. Why? Because I’m a little OCD 😊. When I arrive at the venue and see my couple, the wedding party and their families, I immediately start to get pumped. When I unlock my gear case and flip open the latches excitement starts rushing through my body. As I’m setting up all the pretty details and hear that first click

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