Andres + Faira | Classic DC Engagement

We've been emailing each other for a little over six months from three different continents to get to this point. Can you imagine planning a wedding that'll take place in the U.S., while you're in Bangladesh and your fiance is in Turkey? Andres and Faira are doing it and rocking it! Shout out to Faira's brother TJ for being their right-hand man in the states (and for connecting us :-)). We planned a classic session around the monuments in DC. I emailed them my engagement session guide which contains tips on what to wear, how to coordinate and what to expect. Basically, all the things they needed to be prepared and to have a stress-free session. They flew in from their respective countries an

David + Ruth | Georgetown Engagement Session

After a few phone calls and communicating online for about a month, I met up with Ruth in person almost two months ago. David was out of town so he was unable to make our meeting, but let me tell you... this girl's eyes LIT UP when she spoke his name. Y'all... Ruth told me all about how they met, their love story, her favorite qualities about him and she did not stop smiling once. The shine in her eyes was just as bright as her smile the entire time! The affect he had on her when he wasn't even physically with her had me smiling too. I could not wait to meet this guy! When I met David at their engagement session last week, he was everything she said he was AND he was just as smitten with Rut

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