• Rosi Guyton

Before I was a wedding photographer, I was a BRIDE

Thinking back to when I was planning my own wedding…oh the excitement! What date should we pick? Where should we do it? Who should we invite? Wait, what’s our budget???? Ugh.

We decided on a summer wedding, ok let’s be real, I made all the decisions, Darwin just agreed to everything LOL. We chose to make it a destination wedding, in the Caribbean. It was going to be a simple and casual affair. Wedding + honeymoon + vacation all bundled into one, with about 20 of our good friends and family.

Melia Caribe Resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic was the PERFECT backdrop. Perfect weather, serene beaches, beautiful palm trees, and an endless flow of tropical drinks and Dominican food. Oh the food…my stomach just growled thinking about it.

A couple of emails and phone calls with the resort to settle on the ceremony location, flowers, food, etc. – Check

A day of dress shopping with my sisters and cousin [found the one at Group USA in Potomac Mills] – Check

I had everything set and ready to go about four months before the wedding and I even stayed within budget. Way under budget actually, so we splurged on some extras when we got there… because who wouldn’t want to make a grand entrance/exit in a horse and carriage right? Lol

Can you believe that hiring a professional wedding photographer to capture our day NEVER EVEN CROSSED MY MIND?!?!?! Not once. What the…*$%@! [I’m literally mulling that over in my head just now].

Thankfully, one of our guests and good friends [who in a past life was a photographer for a local newspaper] was there with us to share in our special day! We handed him our camera and if it were not for him, we wouldn’t have the beautiful pictures that we do have. For that, I am forever grateful! Thanks Tim ;-).

While we love our photos, looking back now, I regret that we missed out on the entire experience that we could have had if we hired a wedding photographer. I would have loved to do an engagement session when we got engaged. I would've loved a First Look session before our ceremony and we could have explored all the picturesque spots the resort had to offer.

Dear brides-to-be, take it from me (and my RGcouples): Hire a professional wedding photographer the minute he/she pops the question! Ok maybe not the minute, but by the next day LOL. Oh wait, even better… a SECRET photographer MUST capture that moment too!




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