Dustin + Sara | Engaged


When I found out my niece Sara got engaged, I couldn't be happier. Scratch that... I was a little bit sour that I wasn't there to capture the proposal! But I got over it quickly. During their session, while we were laughing and chatting and trying to keep warm, I think Sara's eyes were getting watery from the cold or maybe she had something in her eye and I rhythmically said "don't cry, dry your eyes...", Dustin turned to me and asked if I just quoted a line from Slick Rick's La Di Da Di. Guys, that was the stamp of approval! I was impressed that this Irish guy from Alabama who's in his mid 20s, knows that random line from a rap song from the 80s!

Sara's smile shines bright when she looks at him!

Can we talk about how beautiful her ring is! And when I saw him wearing a ring, they had some explaining to do LOL. I learned so much about Claddagh rings and the history behind it.

Can't wait to capture your wedding day in October!





















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